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Graduation 2020

On Saturday, May 9, 2020, 27 students graduated from Moravian Seminary, concluding our 213th year. Although commencement was not held in person do to COVID-19, we celebrate our graduate's hard work and steadfastness, their gifts and skills, their flexibility and understanding as their final semester was upended, and the hope and healing they will bring to others as your ministries unfold. 

Master of Arts in Chaplaincy Graduates

Desna Henry Goulbourne
Colleen Smith

Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling Graduates

Lindsey Bell
Berjanelle Budier
Charles Gardner
Angela Kelly
Ilia Morales
Diomarys Nunez
Jacqueline Re
Alexandrea Scirrotto
Christina Siewert
Colleen Torrey
Angela York Crane

Master of Arts in Theological Studies Graduates 

Victoria Aitchison
Lindsey Bell (completing in Aug.)
Kristy Christian (completing in Aug.)
Lisa Johnson (w/ a Cert. in Biblical Studies)
Jessica Morris (w/ a Cert. in Spiritual Direction)
Paul Silwamba (completing in Aug.)

Master of Divinity Graduates

Kris Geer
Jane Matsinger (w/ a Cert in Biblical Studies, completing in Aug.)
Linda Wisser

Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Jennika Borger
Miriam Martin
Karen Sensenig
Linda Unser
Margaret Wellert