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Summer 2021 Course Schedule


SECC727  On the Way to the Promised Land: A Journey through Exodus and the Underground Railroad
Appler, Brown
T,Th 5-8pm 5/25-6/22 [possible field trips 6/11 and 6/19 in person or virtual]
Friday, June 11th: All day trip to Dorchester, MD (and virtual alternatives if necessary)
Saturday, June 19th Juneteenth event (possible optional trip- Chester/Philadelphia)
3 Credits
(this course meets requirement for Intercultural Area Elective)


SEFS800  Intro to Spiritual Direction [Prer: Acceptance into the Spiritual Direction Intensive Certificate]
Kraybill-Greggo, Martell
Th 3-6pm 6/3-6/24, 7/22
1 Credit

SEFS910  Clinical Pastoral Education [Prer: SEPL620, Acceptance into an agency CPE Unit]
Toler, Advisor
1 Credit


SEPC733  Career & Lifestyle Counseling
M,Th 2:30-5:30pm 5/24-7/8
3 Credits

SEPC854 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
M,Th 6-9pm 5/10-6/24
3 Credits

SEPC900  Clinical Practicum [Prer: SEPC602, SEPC624,SEPC710, SEPC722, SEPC760]
Time TBD 7/5-8/28
3 Credits


Distance Ed Modalities Key

Symbols after course # denotes the Distance Ed format.

(V)  Video Conference—Class sessions meet synchronously. Students and faculty may be present on campus or connect via Zoom.

(S)  Synchronous—Faculty and students connect only by Zoom without any class sessions meeting on campus.

(A)  Asynchronous—Course content is available for specified periods of time during which students may access and complete work online at their own time regardless of location. 

(H)  Hybrid—More than half of the course’s classroom contact hours occur with faculty and students all present on campus. Other course elements occur either synchronously or asynchronously. 

(B)  Blended—The course is a combination of in-class meetings, as well as synchronous and asynchronous elements.

Locations Key

A-Aldersgate, G-Genadendal, H-Herrnhut, K-Kunwald, W-Wittenberg, S-Saal, P-Prayer Room, CR-Chalice Rocks, OS-Offsite