Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Go deep into your understanding of religious belief. The Master of Arts in Theological Studies program provides a strong theological foundation for those serving in leadership roles in the church or who are interested in pursuing advanced academic work.
You can tailor the program to fit your academic and career interests, and you can add a concentration or graduate certificate. You’ll complete a thesis project or paper that allows you to delve deep into an area that drives your curiosity.

Here’s what it takes

The Moravian MATS degree requires a total of 54 credits of coursework. You can finish in two years of full-time study. But you must finish within six years.

MATS Curriculum Overview

Learning Outcomes

Our program addresses the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Interpretation of Scripture: Analyze primary research materials, demonstrating knowledge of larger contexts and the ability to interpret scripture.

  • Cultural Contexts: Identify and engage diverse and overlapping cultural and social dynamics.

  • Theological and Historical Contexts: Integrate social, historical, intellectual, and/or theological contexts of an object of study.

  • Intellectual and Theological Development: Independently identify, pursue, and acquire knowledge in the field of study.

  • Research and Analysis: Identify a research issue, use primary research materials, and discuss the issue in a coherent, thoroughly researched, integrative paper or project.

Electives, Directed Study Courses, Concentrations, and Certificates

The MATS curriculum is chock full of electives. In other words, you can focus on your area of interest. You can focus your electives on biblical studies, contemplative practices, or spiritual formation and obtain a 7-credit Concentration in Formative Spirituality or dive deeper with a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies, Spiritual Direction, or Formative Spirituality.
Or you can use elective credits to take Directed Study courses in which you build something completely your own. No matter how you use your electives, we recommend you take at least one Directed Study to prepare you for the independent nature of the Thesis process.

Continuing Education Requirement

Each MATS student is required to participate in at least 4 continuing education programs. You get to choose which ones you attend—and there are lots to choose from.

Distance Learning

Some of our courses are available via distance learning. Some of these might be intensive classes or "hybrid" classes in which at least 50% of the course is held with all students on campus. The Seminary does not currently offer a completely online degree program. To obtain the MATS degree, students must complete at least one-third of the required credits on campus in Bethlehem, PA.

*Note: In response to the coronavirus, since March 2020 all in-person courses have transitioned to video-conference. Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary are in ongoing discussions about how and when it is safe to re-open campus to in-person instruction. For Fall 2020, our faculty are preparing for both possibilities: that campus will open and some courses will be held in-person and some online, or that campus will remain closed and all courses will be held online.  No matter what the outcome will be, students can rest assured that they will be getting the personal instruction that they have come to expect from Moravian Seminary.