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Rev. Dr. C. Riddick Weber

Rev. Dr. C. Riddick Weber

Program Director for MATS
Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry
Director of the Center for Moravian Studies

Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2009
M.Div., Duke Divinity School, 2000
B.A., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1988

Ordained a Deacon in the Moravian Church, 2002
Consecrated a Presbyter of the Moravian Church, 2015

Phone: 610-861-1524
Curriculum Vitae

Riddick primarily teaches courses related to pastoral leadership, often telling people, “I teach those who will be pastors more about what they need to do than what they need to know.” His courses address worship leadership and planning, administrative leadership and planning, and the disciplines of stewardship, evangelism and discipleship.

Riddick loves music. He enjoys music from Bach to the Beatles, from Wagner to the Who, and is interested in the religious themes that can be found in their music. To explore these themes with students, he teaches one Winter-term course entitled Rock Solid Theology, which pays particular attention to lyrics by Pete Townshend of The Who and another Winter-term courses relating the principles of jazz to worship planning.

Riddick’s research addresses the radical and integrated liturgical, cultural and social creativity of the 18th century Moravian Church. More recently his research has focused on how the Moravian Church lives out these principles today, especially as they related to the ordination of women, the viability of congregational models and the impacts of church governance. In his classes, he encourages students to explore how the creative use of religious traditions and social structures may empower the church to address the challenges it faces today. Likewise he hopes that the Seminary can play a leading role in helping the broader church experiment with and develop ever more effective methods for outreach, service and evangelism.

Before coming to Moravian Theological Seminary, Riddick served the Moravian Church as the Director of College-Age Ministry and as the pastor of Fairview Moravian Church.