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Mission and Values

Institutional Mission Statement

Moravian College’s liberal arts education prepares each individual for a reflective life, fulfilling careers, and transformative leadership in a world of change.

Mission Statement of Moravian Theological Seminary

Moravian Theological Seminary offers graduate degrees and continuing education programs to prepare men and women for effective leadership and service in congregational, counseling, chaplaincy, teaching, and other ministries. The Seminary is rooted in the Moravian faith tradition—centered in Jesus Christ, grounded in Scripture, ecumenical in spirit, committed to community, and focused on missional leadership.

Statement of Core Values

The Seminary serves the mission and ministry of the Church as it is “called in faith to serve humanity by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ” (The Ground of the Unity of the Moravian Church, par. 1).  Our programs provide knowledge, skills, and experiences that prepare men and women for ministries that encompass

  • faithful witness to the Gospel in word and deed;
  • missional leadership of individuals and communities of faith;
  • the capacity to minister to diverse individuals and groups as they encounter the challenges, changes, sorrows, and joys of life;
  • a commitment to lifelong spiritual, vocational, and personal growth;
  • a thorough grounding in biblical, historical, and theological disciplines;
  • a comprehensive understanding of the beliefs and practices of one’s own faith tradition;
  • faithful advocacy for justice in local, national and global contexts, and
  • openness to God’s calling to new directions and stewardship of life and faith.