Dual Degree Program
Admission Requirements

Students can pursue two Masters degrees simultaneously through the MTS Dual Degree Program and graduate in less time than they would if they pursued the degrees separately.

To apply for the two dual degree programs offered at MTS (MDiv & MACC, MDiv & MATS), review admission requirements for both programs. Most of the requirements will overlap, but some degrees require more essays than others. Make sure that you have completed all of the required essays for both programs.

Two Dual Degree Programs are offered in conjunction with Marywood University School of Social Work (MDiv & MSW, MACC & MSW). Moravian Seminary and Marywood University School of Social Work (Scranton, Pennsylvania) have worked cooperatively since 2003. The Moravian-Marywood dual degree programs are ideal for students who are interested in applying social work principles to their clinical counseling and/or congregational ministries.

These programs also offer students the opportunity to develop skills in integrating theological perspectives into their work in mental health professions. Students must apply to MTS for the MTS degree and Marywood for the Marywood degree: Marywood University Master of Social Work.