Master of Divinity & Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling

Become a leader in Pastoral Care. The MDiv-MACC program prepares you for leadership positions providing spiritual and emotional support in church and community settings. Through the program you develop deep personal theological, spiritual, and emotional understandings and awarenesses that help you provide effective pastoral support at a Bible study or a church member’s hospital bedside.

Here’s what it takes

You can complete the MDiv-MACC program in four years of full-time study. Pursuing the degrees separately would require 5 years of full time study. Students take courses from each of areas below to total 122 credits.

Curriculum Areas Credits
Biblical Knowledge & Interpretation 15 credits
Intercultural Engagement & Action 10 credits
Intellectual & Professional Integration 8 credits
Pastoral Leadership 12 credits
Personal & Spiritual Formation 12 credits
Theological & Ecclesiastical Heritage 15 credits
Clinical Courses 26 credits
Practicum & Internship 11 credits
Electives 13 credits
TOTAL 122 credits